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The group was formed in the early 1980's by eight friends who had attended Quilting classes and wanted to continue meeting regularly after their sewing course had finished. For several years meetings were held in each others' houses, but when word spread and more people wanted to join, it was necessary to move into a church hall for extra space. The monthly meetings were increased to fortnightly as enthusiasm grew. Membership gradually changed over the years but two founder members are still occasionally able to attend. There are currently 24 members and the meetings are always very friendly, with lots of chat as well as sewing.

There is a variety of skills from beginners to experienced and although not a teaching group, members share ideas and various techniques that they may have learnt at workshops. We enjoy working on group projects, challenges and group quilts. Recently we were invited by another local group to hold a joinGift of Quiltst exhibition and in the past have held several of our own. Outings to other shows, exhibitions and fabric shops are very popular.

Numerous members have entered their quilts in both local and national competitions and awards have been won. Some quilts have been exhibited abroad and a selection of one members quilts and other art work has been exhibited in various places including London, Liverpool and Winchester.

Over the years we have made a large number of charity quilts and currently there is an on going commitment to provide small quilts for the neo-natal department at a local hospital. We also hold fund raising events for charity.

In 2012 the group made a quilt for the national "Gift of Quilts" project. It was decided to present one quilt to each country participating at both the 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympics. The team from Turkey will receive our quilt. All of the quilts were on display recently at Olympia and all are also featured in a book.